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Shake the Lake Tomorrow!

Publisher Bailey Hufstetler Spring City Friends of the Park is gearing up for their annual 4th of July celebration, “Shake the Lake!” Set to happen...

TVT to host Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show

Publisher Bailey Hufstetler The Mt. Leconte Jug Band and Friends will be performing a Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show at the Tennessee Valley Theater on...

Rhea Heritage hosted Educational Program

Press Release submitted by: John Carpenter with Rhea Heritage Photo submitted About 80 homeschool students from East and Middle Tennessee attended...

Rhea County Homeland Security to host Fundraiser March 23rd

Publisher Bailey Hufstetler The Rhea County Homeland Security is set to host a Fundraiser tomorrow, March 23rd. There will be a Pancake Breakfast...


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Super Tuesday!

Publisher Bailey Hufstetler The Rhea County Observer will be out and about today providing...

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